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Fully Customizable Scrollbar Class V.2

I made a new scrollbar class, with advanced features, with the precious help of Jack Kalish. Please stop by his site at, he was very helpful for this new version of the Scrollbar Class. Thanks Kali!

It changes the ruler size according to the dragged clip length, you can decide if it blurs or not, and the velocity of the dragging.

For every info, check at...
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user Rubbization
Rubbization 9 years ago

Does this also support horizontal scrolling?

user Iveau
Iveau 10 years ago

What does the "area" means?

user fleshmaker
the listing author fleshmaker 1 decade ago

check in my past listings, there's an as2 version. its very easy to use. enjoy!

user bonjorno
bonjorno 1 decade ago

Why.... finally i found a great working scrollbar, it's AS3 witch I can't use in y project... damn

user phoecxan
phoecxan 1 decade ago

This is very great blur scroll!

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