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Interactive XML Canada map

This is an interactive map of Canada including all 13 provinces. You can pretty much set all parameters in XML including colors and text.

The user needs to select a province, then 2 options are offered, each having a different URL to which the province's 2 letters will be added, such as www.someURL?state=ON .

Great way to learn how to make maps!

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flashh map maps interactive map canada map

Download (240.85 KB)


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user LGLab
the listing author LGLab 1 decade ago

@Marto, they can if you know actionscript ;-)

user Marto
Marto 1 decade ago

wish the rollover events could be set for individual states :(

user saravanas
saravanas 1 decade ago

looks good..

user LGLab
the listing author LGLab 1 decade ago

Hey guys,

Check out more of my files here: [link removed by admin, competitive site, sorry.]

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 1 decade ago

Looks good, I removed one of your comments by mistake :)

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