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Loading data into datagrid using xml

fetching data from xml and loading a datagrid and a combobox
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combo box datagrid xml

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user mukeshmehra
the listing author mukeshmehra 1 decade ago

Hey chahoub4 you can use the trace command to see if you are not accessing the null object or getting the null values. Working with xml is quite a tedious task in AS2, you got to find the proper parent child relation ok best of luck.

user chahoub4
chahoub4 1 decade ago

hello Sir : iwant ask yoou if you have solution, ive just start flash and i want import xml file to a swf file i creat php that update every time the xml.

now when php update the xml file always creat 1st this

<?xml version="1.0"?>


and as dont know the arborecence

i used like as2:

xmlNews = new XML();
xmlNews.onLoad = affichageNews;
function affichageNews() {
txt = xmlNews.firstChild.childNodes[0].nodeVal ue();

but write me indefinded can you help me?????? thank you

user Marto
Marto 1 decade ago

How I wish this was in 2.0 :(

user cate
cate 1 decade ago

Good Work !

user caiovj
caiovj 1 decade ago

Whoa! thanks mukesh!
best regards!

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