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This is a very simple scroll.
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scroll text scrolltext simple

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user paismast
paismast 1 decade ago

gracias bro!!!!

user m4s1r0
m4s1r0 1 decade ago

Hi, is it a only-text scroll? Can I put Images and diverse content inside a container movieclip?

user aofrintit
aofrintit 1 decade ago


user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 1 decade ago

The simple look is nice but the font is blurry. Probably the clips are not placed at integer x/y position on stage, or the font has the wrong size, most pixel fonts look nice at size 8.
Then when scrolling the text x y position should always be integer again, otherwise it will become blurry on certain scroll positions.

user kil33
kil33 1 decade ago

emmm...not ace..

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