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scrollBar class - fully customizable with tween

i've been searching around for a good customizable scrollbar class, but i didn't found much. so i decided to make it by myself. this is fully graphically customizable and very easy to use. it drags every kind of content. movement of the content is made with actionscript tween class.
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user kpgrath
kpgrath 8 years ago

thanks a lot.

user carlosric
carlosric 9 years ago

How can I adjust the distance moved with the mousewheel? It's too long :(

user m.elbadawy
m.elbadawy 10 years ago

Hello fleshmaker,

kindly can I use this tool in my commercial projects?

I like it alot and I tried to update it to read from xml file, also I will update it to read html format.

Thanks in advance :)

user ankur
ankur 1 decade ago


user SpartGraph
SpartGraph 1 decade ago

Very Helpfull, THANKS A LOT !!

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