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Simple Scroll Pane

So einfach and nice scrollPane in AS2
I hpe you like it.

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scroll pane flash as2

Download (110.23 KB)


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user avi3d
avi3d 5 years ago

Very bad...
Handler's X relies on content's mask width.
The height of content scrolling is messed up, not calculated right at all.
All calculations are bad. Sorry.

user Caesar
Caesar 10 years ago

Hi Adrian thank you, I just discovered your glowing arrows.
How do I put them on a site?
I don't want it during loading, but constantly there.
Every time I try to edit it comes this picture with the waterbubbles.
Thank you

user wiyono
the listing author wiyono 10 years ago

No... about 2,2gb flash cs5...
Look @adrianTNT... he give you link that you trial....
Good luck kikiki......

user Caesar
Caesar 10 years ago

This is 8.5giga!!!
Maybe I can start edit my scroll pane next year

user Caesar
Caesar 10 years ago

Thanks again, I am downloading now...

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