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TwScrollBar Class AS3

This AS3 scrollbar class was created to be simple and practical.
It can be fully customized, can be vertical or horinzontal, and can scroll any DisplayObject.

HTML asdoc documentation is in the zip (fr). but is translated the notes in the class itself. The instance code is in the fla, frame 1.

I hope you will like it. I use it for all my jobs.

UPDATE 11/02: Now work anywhere in the...
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scrollbar customizable as3 twflash blur scroll bar text simple practical

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user Asteroids
Asteroids 1 decade ago


ty, great work!

user fernando2p
fernando2p 1 decade ago

ty, great work!

user Alexandra
Alexandra 1 decade ago

Thank you!

user Twinspirit
the listing author Twinspirit 1 decade ago

this should be ok for CS3 now.

user fernando2p
fernando2p 1 decade ago

Please can u save this .fla over CS3 (9) file??
I dont have CS4 ty.

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