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Wall Data

Ok this is before I learned packages n classes really.
Spacebar - next new box;
click on box - new or edit box;
right click if you want.

A client just wanted a wall that he could click on a box n type data in it, as he does this the wall builds with data. sorry if its confusing. like i said this is when i was like a noob. Hope you enjoy it!! ;)

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wall data array movieclip

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user infonomics
infonomics 9 years ago

Excellent application. I love it.

user gotDESIGN
gotDESIGN 10 years ago

lnsnelick: yep, I don't submit any files if its not working the way it should... cause then I waste people time... You should be a little bit more humble to accept ur mistake, that's how you learn stuff in life then u move forward... good luck dude...

ALEPREMIER 10 years ago

seems cool, just did not understand what use, but looks cool

user buceqk
buceqk 10 years ago

as usual, there was always bug when using Tween class.. :(
but any way, good job!

user lnsnelick
the listing author lnsnelick 10 years ago

Thanks Hjai, I had trouble on what to share, Right now i'm working on a touch screen kiosk app for my company where customer will b able to pre order there cd/dvd/usb sessions at a conference. would love to share but its been takin me weeks to months on this, I may share something else.

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