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chat flash php

chat flash & php , very simple to customize, emoticon and text format, no database required, all files and explanation included in zip file

Who wants to see the preview:

After you download the files rename all the files like login.php_safe to login.php

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Download (941.90 KB)


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user path14
path14 7 years ago

I wonder if anyone will read this. I need some help getting it to work. I'm trying to implement this into my flash site but I keep getting the login error. I changed the path of the "links" frame, and the permissions but my nicknames stay invalid. Any help is appreciated.

user Kamaleddin
Kamaleddin 8 years ago

dont'work. how to install?

user Michelbzj
Michelbzj 9 years ago

Hi All,

If anyone have troubles with showing the nick names
(I had it too and figured this out);

Go to frame 2 and click on the dymamic txt field where the nick
should be appear.
Change the variable in the properties panel from login, into nickname.
Problem solved so far as I see.

user eduardomartin
eduardomartin 1 decade ago

Yhank you!! great!

user claire
the listing author claire 1 decade ago

dont'work on php 5 :( sorry

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