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user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh (17)

CVS game DataGrid

dataGrid/ onload this wil load a CVS text file which consist of comma seperated values, then this information will be added to a dataGrid. you can edit any sell than hit update than export the data grid to your pc to return the values.
Kind of like a spread sheet in arrays its not finished as its still current project

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cvs datagrid populate save reading text writing

Download (440.51 KB)


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user Wonder
Wonder 11 years ago

and you can remake on the second script?

user brettmcmaugh
the listing author brettmcmaugh 12 years ago

Sorry got my messages mixed up, anyways im not going to able to change the state of the order of dsplays, its been a while since i have used action script so this would take some time to complete.

user brettmcmaugh
the listing author brettmcmaugh 12 years ago

hey this is not an issue....
Down load the FLA file, open it with Adobe Flash CS5.
Once opened goto the time line and right click on one of the time lines and click on actions. their you will see the source code.
I assure you it is there.
Note: if the source code wasnt there this file would simply not work.

user hcongthanh
hcongthanh 12 years ago

Dear brettmcmaugh,
Could you fix the issue now?
Highly appreciated with thanks!

user mingwenqin
mingwenqin 12 years ago

I cannot find any timeline actions panel.

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