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user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh (17)

Download Manager 16Slots

Fully Functional DownloadManager Template allowing 16 Positions.
You can edit the FLA to change the speed or inputs from 8-16 Positions.Also you can add your own logo if you Download please just vote or leave a comment as i like to know improvements or idea's

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download manager web manager

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user kishorepasial
kishorepasial 12 years ago

Thank you .......

user tribikramsahu
tribikramsahu 12 years ago


user Yvanoph
Yvanoph 12 years ago

Very nice, however, unable to use, as much builded with CS 5.5 ! ! !
Can't you copy in CS 5 ? I hope, sincerely, Yvanoph---

user fungame63
fungame63 12 years ago

Very very nice, maybe I would use it later.... thanks !

user brettmcmaugh
the listing author brettmcmaugh 12 years ago

it could be done quiet easy by using flash to read the text into an array, by calculating the idex of the array to push do this i would rewrite the whole thing may look into it in the future

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