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Global Weather 1.1

Global Weather info and Forecast version 1.1. Some improvements have been applied. Reads current weather conditions and predicts state of weather for next 24 hours in the exact same way a real barometer does.<br />Beware, not all cities are supported. If a well known major city returns 'false', please enter the name of a major nearby airport instead.
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user eduardomartin
eduardomartin 13 years ago

Don't work this file!!!

user mandy_v
mandy_v 14 years ago

good work

user acvilla
acvilla 16 years ago

Can you pls up date it? :) is very nice form and it will be very usefull..thanx

user roel018
the listing author roel018 16 years ago

Actually it still works, you just have to change the way the browser communicates with Flash (by js).. So if you use (instead of the old object/embed method) to implement the SWF movie and use so.addVariable("variable1", "value1"); to pass values into the SWF file, everything should work just fine.

user roel018
the listing author roel018 16 years ago

From the author:
Don't use it anymore, it's outdated and only works with older browsers.. I don't know how to delete it from this site and I have no plans to update it.

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