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Google Search Box

A Google search box made with macromedia flash.
It is a "component", you can change target frame (same window, new window, etc) in component parameters. Just like normal search at you can press the search button or you can just press enter to start the search.
Feel free to add it on your website or in your flash projects.

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adobe flash google search box

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user gtapiaf1303
gtapiaf1303 8 months ago
profesionales en el diseo de paginas webs empresariales.

user fho
fho 9 years ago

very good

user lsathishkumar
lsathishkumar 1 decade ago

very nice

user masood
masood 1 decade ago

Nice job,,, since you seem to be an expert i would like to ask u a question and my question is how do you add search description and keywords tags in your flash website for i tried editing the source file .txt file and added same typical html tags for search description and search keywords but it did not work. i think i should use flash script not html tags but i don't know how... so please help if you have any idea my email is any help will be appriciated.

user Revixi5
Revixi5 1 decade ago

Usefull... thanks!

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