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Places in Country Map with XML

A map of Indonesia Governor's Office address. Consist of Province name, Address, and Telephone. All datas saved in XML file.

- Zoom In and zoom out
- Dragging
- Customizable data in XML

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user sushant.tawde
sushant.tawde 8 years ago

Nice 1

user yudiana
yudiana 8 years ago

kereeeeeen...matur nuwun kang aveef

user arjun_kumar007
arjun_kumar007 8 years ago

very nice but for the zoom in and zoom out you have to click so many times to zoom in and out instead you can try mouse scrolling zoom in and zoom out effect try in AS3

user vegas
vegas 8 years ago


user JRB
JRB 9 years ago

good job!