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Random Quotes (XML)

This is a XML-based random quote generator. All your quotes are stored in an external quotes.xml file. This quote application has been designed so that:<br />(1) No quote occurs twice in a row consecutively<br />(2) Once a quote has occured it will not occur again until the next cycle of the quotes start. (In other words once a quote has been shown it will not show again in the same cycle.<br... more >
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user mermaid_mews
mermaid_mews 12 years ago

Can you put your own custom quoyes in?

user wolverene
wolverene 14 years ago

Great work and very interesting. How do we add a fade in and out effect for each quotes?

user alinho
alinho 16 years ago

amigos, me parece interesante, pero se podria hacer esto como si fuera un sistema de noticias?? rotativo ?

user WaterMedia
WaterMedia 17 years ago

I'm excited about repurposing this for a site. I owe you! :D

user MADenigma
MADenigma 17 years ago

Thank you for this interesting source, it can be very useful for creating widgets.