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user lucasmotta
lucasmotta (19)

Search XML

Make a Search in a XML archive

Need the Laco Movieclip Tween:

Download here: 20.mxp

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Download (19.26 KB)


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user listo_222
listo_222 15 years ago

muy bueno, me gustaria saber como hacer para que funcione la parte de link.

user jesseharsh
jesseharsh 15 years ago

Okay, I've looked at the code (XML & AS). The XML has a node for an image file. What is loading this and what is the object that displays this image?

user jesseharsh
jesseharsh 15 years ago

Please tell me; what is it searching? Is this content within an external XML file?

user knlr
knlr 15 years ago


user valenior
valenior 16 years ago

its amazing, but how can i make links in the results title to get to external pages?

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