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Make a Search in a XML archive

Need the Laco Movieclip Tween:

Download here: pTween120.mxp

2982 downloads, 21507 views

Download (19.26 KB)


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user listo_222
listo_222 1 decade ago

muy bueno, me gustaria saber como hacer para que funcione la parte de link.

user jesseharsh
jesseharsh 1 decade ago

Okay, I've looked at the code (XML & AS). The XML has a node for an image file. What is loading this and what is the object that displays this image?

user jesseharsh
jesseharsh 1 decade ago

Please tell me; what is it searching? Is this content within an external XML file?

user knlr
knlr 1 decade ago


user valenior
valenior 1 decade ago

its amazing, but how can i make links in the results title to get to external pages?

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