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Simple Cookies

This will show you the EXTREMELY basic way of sending cookies from flash to remember text input by the user.

EDIT: The one i uploaded was messed up. use this link to get the good file.

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Download (24.04 KB)


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user surendrakhvs
surendrakhvs 1 decade ago

i need post comment files please send me

user surendrakhvs
surendrakhvs 1 decade ago


user seco
the listing author seco 1 decade ago

JWWright, yeah there was some mess up somewhere down the lone and the domain didnt get re registered, had a big fiasco getting it back.

user JWWright
JWWright 1 decade ago

DNS Error (dns_unresolved_hostname)

user mykil
mykil 1 decade ago

good! |:)

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