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Top 10 Contacts by XML

Contact list by XML file.
Select your top 10 contacts from custom list box.

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user dequila
dequila 1 decade ago

wow very nice...i think it can be used as a shopping cart

user Ragazzo_Flash
Ragazzo_Flash 1 decade ago

Just adding two bits to what our fellow user "episode" wrote: FFiles' files are mostly for analysis and learning. There are some beautifully written codes around here, and the best way for us to improve our knowledge is to see and understand how other people think. I'm rather new to Flash and I learn plenty from all of you; hence, a file does not necessarily need to be useful to be resourceful. Cheers and God bless you all.

user Ragazzo_Flash
Ragazzo_Flash 1 decade ago

Really nice work. Thanks for sharing

user MaRoUaN
MaRoUaN 1 decade ago


user eaplusc
eaplusc 1 decade ago

nice work

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