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user viijay
viijay (12)


Transform Manager With different options. Transforming perform onto movieClips and text also.
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transform manager transformmanager in as2

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user sebastian777
sebastian777 11 years ago

It's looks exactly like
is this code yours viijay?

user willcatchyou
willcatchyou 11 years ago

By the way i haven't downloaded it.. as i dont find any usecases with it for me now... if i'm needed at any point of time when i was not able to do it myself.. i will defintely make hit to it...

user willcatchyou
willcatchyou 11 years ago


Good work for the AS3, but however you still forgot to mention it is not your work that AS2... And for this sample i believe literally it doesn't belongs to you nor i hope the author might not given the necessary rights to you.. as it is a very selling product..

user viijay
the listing author viijay 11 years ago

Hello Willcatchyou:
please find transform in as3: _in_as3_3671.html

actually i was havnt proper time to post in ffiles.
but i update it for you.
may be u like it :)

user willcatchyou
willcatchyou 11 years ago


Where is the AS3 version ? Can't the real author of this AS2 is not yet done ?

Dear all, This is a sample from the famous
The postee is failed to inform the same.. please head to and read the terms and conditions before using it.. now it was as a paid code.. but you can still download the old version of AS2 in their site.. (reference to it can be found in FAQ section)...

Vijay, please update the descriptions to give the references and actual links to authors, or else it could put someone in trouble! (may be in your country it may not count, but there are some countries which take these as serious..)


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