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XML Event Viewer

Xml Event Viewer v.1

release date : 03.01.2009
developed by Alp TUGAN


Actionscript 3.0
Customizable XML File
Automatically seperated Events
Customizable interface

For any questions:

How to use:

In Flash AS3 window(.fla), you need to type the...
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Download (198.70 KB)


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user naughtymachine
naughtymachine 1 decade ago

Simple and great. Thanx dear

user johnysamajhdar
johnysamajhdar 1 decade ago

thanks 4 this nice post

user shyraza
shyraza 1 decade ago

please can u make it in as2 not as3
i need it any one help me
i need it to open in flash 8 (action script 2)

user taquion
taquion 1 decade ago

very good, thx

user cfre4k
cfre4k 1 decade ago

Gonna use it! THANX MAN!!!

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