3 Dimensional

3D web projects, 3D web animations, etc

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ThreeJS lights example

ThreeJS lights example Lights function example for ThreeJS library. Created by TheFrost
Rated 45 of 5 47 D.

Paranoid vs shy birds

Paranoid vs shy birds 3d interactive animation created by Karim Maaloul using ThreeJS javascript 3D library.
Rated 48.25 of 5 54 D.

TinyPolyWorld 3D Plane

TinyPolyWorld 3D Plane TinyPolyWorld - ThreeJS experiements. 3D airplane interactive animation, created by Zultan using ThreeJS JavaScript library ...
Rated 47 of 5 76 D.

Isometric 3D-ish tiles

Isometric 3D-ish tiles Isometric DOM 3D-ish tiles created by Kenneth Luplau-Brøgger
Rated 45.75 of 5 189 D.