JetPack Engine

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user enhanceNick
enhanceNick (7)
JetPack Engine, Feel free to use and add on.
Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the character up, down, left right.

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jetpack game simulation movement flash keys

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user TweeksGames
TweeksGames 6 years ago

great stuff

user ashishmunjani
ashishmunjani 8 years ago

not bad

user redleome
redleome 8 years ago

your creations are so cute! and fun, but your coding to me is still a little confusing,did you used AS2 or AS3??

user picassoo
picassoo 9 years ago

:))) fany cooll

user s1ckn3ss
s1ckn3ss 9 years ago


user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 9 years ago

Runh, click on the flash file once and then use the arrow keys on keyboard to fly on screen.

user runh
runh 9 years ago

I don't get it! How does it work?

user game01
game01 9 years ago

Good Job! ;I)

user tonywood0
tonywood0 9 years ago

that is so cool. 9/10 the only problem is that there isnt much to do after a while. make like buildings to land on or sumthin.

very good job.

user jing1
jing1 9 years ago

fun and funky very cool would be very cool if you had a webpage that he could fly around on to view the content or great for use in a came.

I like it allot.


user umarmughal
umarmughal 9 years ago

i got it now .. very well done :)

user enhanceNick
the listing author enhanceNick 9 years ago

Its a Jetpack Engine, use arrow keys to control, and its a prototype so you can make what you want from it, thanks for your comment =]

user umarmughal
umarmughal 9 years ago

what exactly is this and what is the use?

user apearce
apearce 9 years ago

Clever :)!