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This is a menu I’m making for an investment company website; the scripting is very simple but is submitted more as a creative concept

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user momo_jang
momo_jang: 4 years ago

http://hosted.zeh.com.br/mctween/downloa ds.html

copy and rename

user wal
wal: 4 years ago

where is the #include "mc_tween2.as"? Please answer me!

user f.ramos41
f.ramos41: 5 years ago

how do i put the links into this menu?, can it be used to direct to an iframe?


user trijya
trijya: 5 years ago

thanks not only for this fantastic menu but also for complete web site now i sure tobe a good web designer because of u


user aofarashizaa
aofarashizaa: 5 years ago

its nice and good.

user awais_champ
awais_champ: 5 years ago

nice work !!

user mach6ix
mach6ix: 5 years ago

By far, the best free menu out there. Thank you for the quality work and willingness to share.

user 3ddave44
3ddave44: 6 years ago

Very nicely done. Tasteful, well thought-out and well executed.

user duplicatetrash
duplicatetrash: 6 years ago

its nice and good

user picassoo
picassoo: 6 years ago

fery good thenx

user johnysamajhdar
johnysamajhdar: 6 years ago

thanks and a very nice menu.

user qgilmore
qgilmore: 6 years ago


user przemasino24
przemasino24: 6 years ago

Where is #include.as :(

user ipubi
ipubi: 6 years ago

Excellent =)

user energywelt
energywelt: 6 years ago

nice menu

user tiagosfranco
tiagosfranco: 6 years ago

very good, wish it was with XML... it would be much better. thank you

user _postman
_postman: 6 years ago

Hello episode

Thanks for getting back to me about posting the script for MX 2004. My email is stevehigham2002@yahoo.co.uk Cheers again for the great work!

user mouki
mouki: 6 years ago


user manolorik
manolorik: 6 years ago

Excellent work, thanks!

user adonnelly1956
adonnelly1956: 6 years ago


user episode
the listing author episode: 6 years ago

if you need it in mx2004 just leave your email ill send it to you

user episode
the listing author episode: 6 years ago

going to upload the full menu in flash 8 as2, if a admin could delete this file.

user Audiotribe
Audiotribe: 6 years ago

Excellent work, thanks!

user _postman
_postman: 6 years ago


Is this available in AS 2 (MX 2004)?



user ByTasarimcim
ByTasarimcim: 6 years ago

Wooow very Nice Thanx

user flashah
flashah: 6 years ago

Really corporate !

user kimmisun
kimmisun: 6 years ago

Gooood !! very useful~

user AudioVoyuer
AudioVoyuer: 6 years ago

WWWWWOOOOOOOOW - great stuff.

user kafka
kafka: 6 years ago

very nice indeed, thanks

user adonnelly1956
adonnelly1956: 6 years ago

It looks great!

user Revixi5
Revixi5: 6 years ago

Well done! Nice look. Thanks for sharing.

user vanguardista
vanguardista: 6 years ago

Very nice...

user blame
blame: 6 years ago

you win. perfect!!! :)