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Product Features:

* as3.0.
* xml driven.
* support 2 kinds show style.
* support 3 view use effect(Mouse Drag,Mouse Wheel)
* support...
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Keywords: 2   kinds   show   style   3   view   effect   As3   auto   size   clean   delay   me   easy   EPAKE   GALLERY   height   item   link   mouse   drag   wheel   params   simple   spacing   speed   width   XML   xml   driven

user activetofocus Author URL activetofocus.com
Listing URL activetofocus.com/blog...
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user thecumhur
thecumhur: 3 years ago

very good !

user Trial.Alaa
Trial.Alaa: 4 years ago

This work required and good

user Yvanoph
Yvanoph: 4 years ago

Hi there, very good and funny to use, but what I don't understand is both the same, both example able to use as much by drag than by wheel of mouse ?
However, thank's bery much ! Kind regards, Yvanoph---

user fly49
fly49: 4 years ago

@activetofocus: Thanks a lot it's a very good job
thank you very much

user activetofocus
the listing author activetofocus: 4 years ago

@fly49 you just change epake_config.xml to epake_config.asp
in Main.as files. com/activetofocus/epake/..

user gotDESIGN
gotDESIGN: 4 years ago

cool design

user fly49
fly49: 4 years ago

how can we change epake_config.xml to epake_config.asp
i don't find it in the fla


user wollerosekauf
wollerosekauf: 4 years ago

yes-nice work-looks cool...

user RO_design
RO_design: 4 years ago

Nice work!

user activetofocus
the listing author activetofocus: 4 years ago

http://down.activetofocus.com/assets/epa ke-gallery/preview/index.html

user activetofocus
the listing author activetofocus: 4 years ago

Just update a new version with double click.Thanks.

user activetofocus
the listing author activetofocus: 4 years ago

Hi,because of the double click didn't add link, you can click throught the link to view have double click.http://down.activetofocus.com/asse ts/epake-gallery/preview/index.html

user uvinod20
uvinod20: 4 years ago


user V-Jake
V-Jake: 4 years ago

Dubble does not work!! MAC,Firefox