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Wall Data

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Ok this is before I learned packages n classes really.
Spacebar - next new box;
click on box - new or edit box;
right click if you want.

A client just...
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user infonomics
infonomics: 3 years ago

Excellent application. I love it.

user gotDESIGN
gotDESIGN: 4 years ago

lnsnelick: yep, I don't submit any files if its not working the way it should... cause then I waste people time... You should be a little bit more humble to accept ur mistake, that's how you learn stuff in life then u move forward... good luck dude...

ALEPREMIER: 4 years ago

seems cool, just did not understand what use, but looks cool

user buceqk
buceqk: 4 years ago

as usual, there was always bug when using Tween class.. :(
but any way, good job!

user lnsnelick
the listing author lnsnelick: 4 years ago

Thanks Hjai, I had trouble on what to share, Right now i'm working on a touch screen kiosk app for my company where customer will b able to pre order there cd/dvd/usb sessions at a conference. would love to share but its been takin me weeks to months on this, I may share something else.

user Hjai
Hjai: 4 years ago

lnsnelick, relax. You've shared with the community the beginnings of a flash file that has quite a bit of potential. Be confident in your skills and know that we're all here because we appreciate the free sharing of knowledge and learning.

user lnsnelick
the listing author lnsnelick: 4 years ago

Oebay, thanks. its just been an honor from all those you shared their work that I learned from their techniques. You summed it up great. its amazing on how you can so many approaches to achieve the goal of your final product. Thanks!

user Oebay
Oebay: 4 years ago

gotDESIGN, the meaning of This forum is meant for the tricks to change ..all authors do not provide a complete file's about the technique he wants to share. if you want a complete file, you should buy flash template!!! .. not copy them and then selling to your customers and so pleasantly that you've made it .. that's what this site is not meant it for .. INSNELICK, GOOD JOB.. AND THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH US...

user lnsnelick
the listing author lnsnelick: 4 years ago

@gotDESIGN: All i'm trying to do is give back to this site. I downloaded so many files to use as examples to help me learn different tricks that everyone did. You on the other hand never submitted any files, so really you have no room to talk.

user gotDESIGN
gotDESIGN: 4 years ago

Hey, just saying, i don't think cause is “free” you should make a lousy job, its like giving away a laptop to someone but then telling him/her: JUST GET THE SCREEN MODEL AND YOU ARE READY TO GO... please. I placed file on the internet and I love doing something nice and well-done, if u gonna place something that doesn't work, I suggest not to upload useless stuff that I can bet, no one will use in a project... thanks anyway

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT: 4 years ago

@gotDESIGN: with so many commercial flash sites I think we have to appreciate that users upload files for free, because it is not a commercial work we cannot demand the authors to deliver it in a perfect shape.

user lnsnelick
the listing author lnsnelick: 4 years ago

come on! you know for a fact that ppl put their files on here to share, for "free"! I don't have the time to go bak and fix it for free. I put up to share for whoever wants it. it's not like u bought this and demand fixes, u r not a client, sorry not being mean but I have job and its not just making flash files, to the client this worked out great and I didn't really charge him.

user gotDESIGN
gotDESIGN: 4 years ago

when it reload, then there its only one or the main file.... it doesn't work properly, fix the bugs...

user michaelviana
michaelviana: 4 years ago

very good! Is it possible in AS 2.0

user lnsnelick
the listing author lnsnelick: 4 years ago

Thanks! and like I said this was before I really learn as3.0 so I haven't looked at the code in the awhile so I forgot how it runs, i just made the refresh feature so if it does freeze it could be reloaded. and plus this was for local computer use. the client wanted just a wall that he could type different things in each block. Thanks for the pointer tho!

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT: 4 years ago

The need to refresh in order to reload properly must have something to do with the way it checks for total data loaded, do you use that? This is usually the one that causes problems, it works OK on local computer but on server loading is not instant and code might work differently.

user ishoot
ishoot: 4 years ago

wow.. very cool effect.. i love this,..
good work bro :)

user lnsnelick
the listing author lnsnelick: 4 years ago

Also right click n choose full screen to see what it truly was made for

user lnsnelick
the listing author lnsnelick: 4 years ago

HEY, if it is not functioning well, right click n choose refresh. I don't know why this happens, I never went back to fix any of this. sorry!