user bigmtnskier
bigmtnskier (26)

3D Circular Proximity

Here is a quick experiment, your comments are welcome :)
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user waqaskhan766
waqaskhan766 9 years ago

very good work

user cherrydavinci
cherrydavinci 9 years ago

great work mate.....

user Jamoalbr
Jamoalbr 10 years ago

Very, very nice

user Ryne
Ryne 10 years ago

i actually playing with this flash for 5 minutes seeing how the balls interact with the cursor, you really great and thanks a lot!

user madiedoj
madiedoj 10 years ago

I'm trying to use this on my flash movie, and I need to change it's position, but I seem to be having issues in doing this. I need to move it to the upper right corner of my movie, can you show me how to do this?

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