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user bigmtnskier
bigmtnskier (26)

3D Circular Proximity

Here is a quick experiment, your comments are welcome :)
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user waqaskhan766
waqaskhan766 14 years ago

very good work

user cherrydavinci
cherrydavinci 14 years ago

great work mate.....

user Jamoalbr
Jamoalbr 14 years ago

Very, very nice

user Ryne
Ryne 15 years ago

i actually playing with this flash for 5 minutes seeing how the balls interact with the cursor, you really great and thanks a lot!

user madiedoj
madiedoj 15 years ago

I'm trying to use this on my flash movie, and I need to change it's position, but I seem to be having issues in doing this. I need to move it to the upper right corner of my movie, can you show me how to do this?

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