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3D Dice for dice game

A 3D Dice that can be rotating to a selected side. Good for using in a dice games. Only 5 Script lines.

You can change the cube texture by changing the texture item in the FLA Library.
Controlling the rotation parameters by changing the Rotation-Tween in the FreeSpin3D SpinUp component parameters.

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game 3d animation dice freespin3d

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user zeronine1209
zeronine1209 6 years ago

guys do you have a version of this that will work for air for android 3.2 ?

user aj76
aj76 8 years ago

How to get an event from the cube? I need to know when it completes the action. Like onComplete(myFunction) or something like that.

user J.Kovalev
J.Kovalev 8 years ago

Nice job!

user greenism
greenism 1 decade ago


user danan
danan 1 decade ago

Thanks to share it Ronen, good Job =D

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