AS3.0 Fade in and out banner  file preview

user cdbii
cdbii (1)

AS3.0 Fade in and out banner

just simple banner
Description in Korea.
Use CS5

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banner slide fade flash image

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user Adefortunato69
Adefortunato69 4 years ago

Hello! is possible insert 8 pages this project ? tnks

user max83ok
max83ok 7 years ago

Nice work
I've seen your site I can not understand anything because I am I do not know the Korean language
I'm looking for someone for make a game for Mobile
If you have interest, please contact me
skype: max84ok

user snipersbsc
snipersbsc 7 years ago

is showing this message "unexpected file format" for use ADOBE CS3 version you could save in the format that I can open the file? Or someone who has downloaded, if you can send me the format that I can open in CS3, I'm grateful!

user junani777
junani777 7 years ago

thanks you~

user drackomanimax
drackomanimax 7 years ago

nice, but so simple

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