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user maxspawn
maxspawn (1)

XML Banner Rotarion

Great XML Banner Rotator.
Suports SWF files, JPG, PNG, GIF.
Rotates every 10 seconds

4538 downloads, 41193 views

xml banner photo gallery as3 actionscript 3 rotator slideshow

Download (3.60 MB)


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user shicco
shicco 11 years ago

Awesome rotator, but is there a way for the swfs to appear randomly?
Thanks for the great work !

user nurkan
nurkan 12 years ago

this is really great it has a mask also...

user silvinharm
silvinharm 12 years ago

all swfs must have the same length?

user ishoot
ishoot 12 years ago

nice..very cool.. thanks :)

user moodsalam
moodsalam 12 years ago

very nice...

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