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Scale Image and Export it as PNG - Flash AS3

This is a example like we can scaleX, scaleY,Rotate loaded swf and also Export it as a PNG format file.
See "listing URL" for a working sample.

Listing url:
1535 downloads, 23032 views

flash as3 rotate scalex scaley export png image swf dynamic create

Download (597.90 KB)


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user natavi
natavi 1 decade ago

hi, can you share wihh downloadfile.php?

user awaischamp
awaischamp 1 decade ago

good, great job

user eddyg
eddyg 1 decade ago

Sorry man, couldn't take your offer of spliting the cost of a US$300 component just to use this example. I wrote the whole rotate and drag a movieclip from zero. Thanks anyway!

user jigneshsony
the listing author jigneshsony 1 decade ago

Hello eddyg,
Check this link for component :

user eddyg
eddyg 1 decade ago

Hello, I'm trying to use your example but it asks for a greensock library. At ras3 I see that they sell this library for US$ 300.... so do I have to buy thay library to use your example?

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