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user jigneshsony
jigneshsony (3)

Upload Image and Preview

this is a image preview before image upload example
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image upload preview as3 flash

Download (55.75 KB)


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user lougallo
lougallo 12 years ago

it doesen't work but don't understood why..I mean everthing looks correctly.. I work on windows it's possibile that's a problem with that?

user kcc_raju
kcc_raju 12 years ago

this is in action script 3. i need it in action script 2.
how could i get it in action script 2.

user jigneshsony
the listing author jigneshsony 12 years ago

for upload more than 2MB file, you have to make setting in php.ini file in php.

user cesarlarsson
cesarlarsson 12 years ago

how can I upload large files ? more than 2mb

user kiogo
kiogo 13 years ago

How can the image be kept proportional in the preview? So that it's not cropped into a square. Thanks

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