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Animated Rollover

Image of button created in photoshop, taken into after effects to render the animation, and then imported into flash to script the rollover animation.<br />Hope you like it! Enjoi =)<br />C&amp;C Appreciated!!!
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user Yvanoph
Yvanoph 10 years ago

Hi there, nice effect but SO much complicated ! ! ! More than 70 bitmaps... Because in fact it's only build with following pics.
Why you didn't use simple "Interpolation de Forme" (French speaking, don't remember English words at this time, sorry...), and may be with blur effect on symbol ?
And as much as I saw, ANY Action Script, it mean unable to use to link any page ? Only to look ? Damage...

So, wihout to wish to hurt you, one simple gif could be better, isn't it ?

user rafaelmb2
rafaelmb2 1 decade ago

nice one i guess

user figurehead
figurehead 1 decade ago

how do you change the color from blue to something else?

user cooltushar
cooltushar 1 decade ago

very very thanks

user iamfran
iamfran 1 decade ago

nice! the only disavantege is that, because is made wiht AE integration the background is not editable :S thanks anyway

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