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Flash 8 Event Calendar

Event calendar basic structure for you to customize - mouseover event titles, loads external text files for event details, optional previous/next buttons which can load calendars as movie clips or link to separate HTML pages. Be sure to load text files into same directory as your .swf file.
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event calendar monthly schedule flash8 external txt customize

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user ZuPo
ZuPo 13 years ago

Very good, thanks

user jorgerosa
jorgerosa 13 years ago

Very handy! :)

user missdeal
the listing author missdeal 13 years ago

@e11world: This is only the basic structure - the "next" and "previous" buttons are for YOU to add your own calendars.

user e11world
e11world 13 years ago

doesn't seem to really work right though.. the next and previous months dont work for me.. nice design though

user missdeal
the listing author missdeal 13 years ago

If you send me your email address - [email protected] - I'll send you the zip file. Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words! This is my first submission - glad it worked out!

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