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user jitendar
jitendar (3)

Contact Form in AS3

Hi, I am releasing a Contact Form in AS3 by which you can send mail and other information. you need to change the mailing address inside the mail.php where you want to send you contact details.
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send data to the server php urlvariable contact form send variables

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user mohiteAarti
mohiteAarti 11 years ago

it doesn't work for me!!Any suggestions???

user clausmir
clausmir 14 years ago

muito bom

user bruno_is
bruno_is 14 years ago


user dure127
dure127 14 years ago

1. Do you have apache and php server?
2. Did you set the mail.php?
3. Did you publish index.html with this flash file?
4. What you want to write and I will set you on some free hosting?!
Gretting from Serbia(Balkan, Europe).

user blerim
blerim 14 years ago

It doesnt't work for me, i tryed to fill all the form, but it doesn't go, also this preview sample here in the site it doesn't work for me!!Any suggestions???

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