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user sr.alex
sr.alex (6)

Contact form PHP

A very useful contact form for your websites.

It's compatible with aruba too!

Enjoy it

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contact form php contatti

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user sergioaqueri
sergioaqueri 12 years ago

Didn't work here: name, msg, telefone, city = don't send :(

user bulljobs
bulljobs 12 years ago

please send me details of modifying the files step by step... [email protected]

user learnislam
learnislam 12 years ago

hits file does not work bro

user nezu
nezu 13 years ago

i think probably a security update of PHP makes no possible to send any mails with POST method.

user rccintra
rccintra 13 years ago

Didn't work here as well - it gets stuck on the submit button :(

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