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Contact form with HTML format

Flash email form supporting php process and the result in html format.
I had made new flash form using Actionscript 2.0. It's working properly and I am getting a process result in quotation format.One more thing I have used combobox and checkbox in form because most of people requesting for it.

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user mcroman
mcroman 7 years ago

Hi Saleem works - GOOD - BUT how I change the LIST OPTIONS ?
I have Flash but say is needed Action Script 3.0

Cheers, /// Roman ...

user mandar_cv
mandar_cv 11 years ago

Hi Saleem the contact form is not working even after renaming the mailer.php. Is there anything else that's need to change in the code.

user alexesteban89
alexesteban89 13 years ago

hello, can you tell me how I do so it will only send the form if you have at least one selected product? that is, if you do not select any product not send

user saleem
the listing author saleem 14 years ago

this form work on any hosting server supporting PHP. You can use this form on any require domain, Check domain or hosting setting in domain Manager tool or Contact with hosting administrator.

user dgrome0
dgrome0 14 years ago

And another question... does it only works on UNIx or LINUX?
sh t!!!

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