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user iahamed
iahamed (2)

Flash ASP Contact Form

This is a Form Built for Flash Action Script 2 and ASP Email Sending form. Users ASPEmail. For all ASP Lovers this is the form. Enjoy.
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flash asp email form contact aspemail request inquiry

Download (25.77 KB)


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user nileshpundpal
nileshpundpal 11 years ago

please help not working this form.... I changed host name and email but i didn't recive email.....

user alizafer13
alizafer13 12 years ago

Nice one...

user mathieu777
mathieu777 13 years ago

Guys how do I get into the Flash editor in Flash9 to change the email address?

user mathieu777
mathieu777 13 years ago

ok just saw how lol
(regarding my previous question)

user mathieu777
mathieu777 13 years ago

Hi this looks nice, how do I download it?

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