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user emy2009
emy2009 (1)

flash form as2

Yesterday I really needed an as2 contact form for and I searched the net and ffiles and I did not found any that works;
I'm not an programmer and I found a working as3 with form from 'leandrodeagostin' user, and I finnaly get it work.I hope he will not deny this listing because of using his code.
I do not want any credit, I just want to give a working as2 +
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contact form as2 asp net

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user sickers
sickers 11 years ago

hallo all, i wanna used this form but, i dont know how to edit it. i have offline apps, but when someone wanna contact me it will be automatic send me when online, if offline it just alert u're offline. thx (hope it will be solved)
my email ([email protected])

user nileshpundpal
nileshpundpal 11 years ago

hi I used your contact form and uploaded on the server... but it's not working.. I don't know why can you plz help....

user mosher
mosher 12 years ago

i've put my site on the same page as the form if i use the form on top the email gets sent. but if i send the email from the CONTACT page on my flashsite it doesnt work :( even though its the same flashmail.asp file and the same movie clip...

user mosher
mosher 12 years ago

thanks for the form but i got a bit of a problem which im trying to solve. i put the form in its own folder on my site and i receive emails.

but when i take that movie clip and put it into my flash site then the form doesnt work. please help

user emy2009
the listing author emy2009 13 years ago

@wasbahi: what version of Adobe Flash do you use?
I tried right now with CS5 and it works.

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