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user lucaz
lucaz (10)

Form PHP with Multiple Fields

PHP Form, it also send a xls copy of the email, with a comboBox with all the countries.

Hope to be helpful.Thanks

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user depecheboy
depecheboy 13 years ago

I'm using Flash CS4 and doesn't work.. uhm.. what can i do?.. do i need flash mx?

I just open the file & control + enter.. and get 33 errors like:

The name of this class, 'TextField', conflicts with the name of another class that was loaded.

Thank you.

user ryotanosuke
ryotanosuke 14 years ago

hello. this form is so nice. i want to simplify it but i could not understand some part of this form as there are sometimes not English in the files... can u send me English instruction, please?
thank you.

user linkedla
linkedla 14 years ago

hello, may can U send me some instruction on how to simplify this form, also how or where to put the email to send the info to. my mail is linkedco at
Kind regards,

user lucaz
the listing author lucaz 14 years ago

Hi karelrosseel. You mean to load and send a picture attached ?

user karelrosseel
karelrosseel 14 years ago

nice done.. but what is the code to attach a picture (.jpg) at the mail..

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