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Griezyls Contact Form with Captcha

Flash AS2 and PHP Contact Form with Captcha
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email contact form captcha griezyl php as2

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user rehanmerchant
rehanmerchant 12 years ago

I set sendmail.php a permission of 777 yet it keeps saying "Error,Please try again later."

Also, in the action script there is no mention of post to "sendmail.php" so am wondering how it works.

I am not a coder so please excuse me if I have asked any in valid question

user FlashMatrix
FlashMatrix 12 years ago

Has anyone got this working yet?
it keeps saying "Error,Please try again later."

I've setthe sendmail.php a permission of 777

no matter what I did, it did not work!.

if anyone (Author hopefuly )can help I would appreciate it.

user Ugogurl
Ugogurl 13 years ago

this is an excellent form ... can anyone tell how to add to the php script capture the remote host etc

user cenveo14
cenveo14 13 years ago

the form always shows the message,Error try again later.How can i fix thi sproblem

user anllie
anllie 14 years ago

Excellent, thanks.

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