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Php Contact Form

2.simple,easy. verify email and with PHP.

Use Method:
Dragged into the use of your project.

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simple easy email php contact form

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user ChDUP
ChDUP 10 years ago

@hair (1 year late !)
try to rename contact.php_safe with contact.php
It works for me, but why the _safe, activefocus ?

user julianocampos
julianocampos 1 decade ago

how do for this blog? I do not understand very sorry.

user aypsn
aypsn 1 decade ago

ok ho ok gzel anlatmlar hepinize teekkrler.. bitkisel kanser tedavileri kombi servisi maltepe

user activetofocus
the listing author activetofocus 1 decade ago

Today,I got a new donate from majorscribbler.
Thank you majorscribbler.

Now any donations, we will provide to him a modify service or commercial product selection.
After receipt of donation, we will contact you directly or you can send us mail.

user hair
hair 1 decade ago

hello guys, i'm new here and it's my 1st time to use flash contact forms. i usually use html+php. i tried using this form, changed the 'receiver' in the .php file to my gmail account. i put the .swf in an html file and uploaded the html, php, & .as files to my server. now i tried using the form and it kept showing 'send failed. pls try again'. what could be the problem?

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