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user activetofocus
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Php Contact Form

2.simple,easy. verify email and with PHP.

Use Method:
Dragged into the use of your project.

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simple easy email php contact form

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user ChDUP
ChDUP 13 years ago

@hair (1 year late !)
try to rename contact.php_safe with contact.php
It works for me, but why the _safe, activefocus ?

user julianocampos
julianocampos 13 years ago

how do for this blog? I do not understand very sorry.

user activetofocus
the listing author activetofocus 14 years ago

Today,I got a new donate from majorscribbler.
Thank you majorscribbler.

Now any donations, we will provide to him a modify service or commercial product selection.
After receipt of donation, we will contact you directly or you can send us mail.

user hair
hair 14 years ago

hello guys, i'm new here and it's my 1st time to use flash contact forms. i usually use html+php. i tried using this form, changed the 'receiver' in the .php file to my gmail account. i put the .swf in an html file and uploaded the html, php, & .as files to my server. now i tried using the form and it kept showing 'send failed. pls try again'. what could be the problem?

user sveisvasta
sveisvasta 14 years ago

Thank you very much!

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