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3 Dimensional 3 Dimensional (86)
Adobe Flash 3D projects.
ActionScript ActionScript (110)
AS Code Snippets
Animations Animations (187)
Flash animations, animated logos, background animations and oth...
Banner Rotators Banner Rotators (17)
Flash banner rotators and loaders
Bitmap Creation and Manipulation Bitmap Creation and Ma... (19)
Projects featuring Flash 8's new BitmapData class
Buttons Buttons (70)
Download free flash buttons, buttons made with Macromedia Flash...
Clocks and Date Clocks and Date (30)
Flash files that contain time or date display, countdown timers...
Contact Forms Contact Forms (16)
Flash contact forms, flash and php contact forms, flash and asp...
Contests Contests (0)
This category is a placeholder for the contests that take place...
Fractals Fractals (30)
Sierpinski's triangle, iterated function systems, etc...
Games Games (106)
Breakout, minesweeper, etc...
Image Effects Image Effects (98)
Dynamic image effects: masking techniques, etc...
Intros Intros (8)
Flash intros
Learning Learning (10)
Educational animations, video tutorials, etc
Logos and Banners Logos and Banners (33)
Flash logo and banner designs made with Macromedia Flash.
Media Players Media Players (32)
Media players made in flash. This category contains listings li...
Menus Menus (208)
Menus made with Macromedia Flash.
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous (105)
Miscellaneous Flash files. Files that cannot be categorized int...
Mobile Devices Content Mobile Devices Content (12)
Flash content for mobile devices, games, applications for cell ...
News Readers News Readers (7)
News readers, rss/xml feeds readers, etc.
Particle Effects Particle Effects (92)
Particle effects, usually made by code.
Photo Galleries Photo Galleries (134)
Free flash photo galleries; projects that display collections o...
Physics and Motion Physics and Motion (38)
Pendulums, dynamic circular movement, vectors, forces, etc...
Preloaders Preloaders (42)
Flash preloaders, "loading" bars and other animations that are ...
Simulations Simulations (18)
Simulations and demonstrations of mechanical, physics, motion, ...
Templates Templates (37)
Download free flash templates, (e.g. full flash site template)
Tests Tests (0)
Temporary category so users do not receive emails when uploads ...
Text Effects Text Effects (54)
Fading, exploding, typewriter text effects.
User Interface User Interface (101)
Headers with menus, advanced controls buttons, etc.
Web Applications and Data Web Applications and D... (58)
XML, Web Services, External Data, etc..