Dodge the Boxes

user jerez_z
jerez_z (28)
An entry for 25 lines contest
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user flowerofblood
flowerofblood 7 years ago

wicked man! awesome!

user lvcoisau
lvcoisau 8 years ago

very nice

user aleko222
aleko222 8 years ago

cooool and gooood

user easyshooter
easyshooter 8 years ago

Awesome !

user wobo45
wobo45 9 years ago

I agree with sormite, Fantastic ending!

user soremite
soremite 9 years ago

The best part is how the box explodes and the bits form the word Game Over.

user sugandhs
sugandhs 9 years ago

nice work :) keep it up!

user praveen_b05
praveen_b05 9 years ago

its too gud

user yalamer08
yalamer08 9 years ago

Jerez_z is the MAN.

Thanks for letting me use your cool games!!

user fabian22
fabian22 10 years ago

Nice!! Where have you learnd write ActionScript??

user air
air 10 years ago

Cool animations for the you lose part
cool game

user CB2008
CB2008 10 years ago

Awesome !!

user sarathbat
sarathbat 1 decade ago

great game !

user EagleVision
EagleVision 1 decade ago

Yeah! Nice Idea, really! :) But it kinda freezes my PC.

user raptormax
raptormax 1 decade ago

coll idea and skillfully applied!