JetPack Engine V2

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user enhanceNick
enhanceNick (7)

Follow up camera
new particle system
more space
better control and visuals

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user johnburg
johnburg 8 years ago

Good Job,Thank u ~~

user Ewee8
Ewee8 9 years ago

Can I please use this on my website? My email is danielbramhall@hotmail.co.uk

user onlybjork
onlybjork 10 years ago

I'm sorry, but i don't like this srolling. Yes, it's smooth, but, not quick enought to see in front of the jetman. To see what i mean, try to go faster as you can across this cave, your man will leave the screen ! Do you knowing the "org.cove.ape" physical library, it maybe usefull... Keep going on. :)

user tsandhu
tsandhu 10 years ago

Just spent a good proportion of my lunch break on it.
Really looking forward to level 2.

user AudioVoyuer
AudioVoyuer 10 years ago

Wow this is really cool - has got great potential! Keep Working it!

user clipdepelicula
clipdepelicula 10 years ago

good job

user EagleVision
EagleVision 10 years ago

I noticed that you should probably clean the inside of it..it has the NewGrounds logo, and the library is extremely messy...plz fix. :)

user EagleVision
EagleVision 10 years ago

Love it! :D
Very good improvement. Love the scrolling. :)
Good job!