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user minthu
minthu (9)
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user raptack
raptack 7 years ago

Ho, I'm sorry ! I don't see that flashmo is your website ! Sorry

user raptack
raptack 7 years ago

Pfff you have take this flah in flashmo.com !

user marcosvca
marcosvca 8 years ago

So cool \o

user balajadia
balajadia 8 years ago


Hello, How are you ? I found this 3D Curve Wall and it is so great.
I tried to download, extracted and run the html file. I can see the thumbnails but when I click on it, it is NOT redirecting to the specified URL in the thumbnail_list_3.xml.

Can you help me to resolve this ? What Should I do ?

Best regards,

user activetofocus
activetofocus 8 years ago

good job!!

user fpreciado
fpreciado 8 years ago

so nice pal !!!

user tikya
tikya 9 years ago

very cool!

user papaone
papaone 9 years ago

3d wall looks very nice, I have the same question as daytona10,
If you wish to do well on any site you must spend time on your customer service. 4 weeks without a published reply won't do your reputation any good at all.

user pkw95
pkw95 9 years ago

very very good thx

user daytona10
daytona10 9 years ago

is it possible when you click the image it enlarges it? Or takes you to a webpage?

user spocat33
spocat33 9 years ago

very good thnx

user Tephlon
Tephlon 9 years ago

Ah. Maybe easier if I give you my e-mail.. :-)

bschildt (at) gmail (dotcom)

user Tephlon
Tephlon 9 years ago

Hi, We're interested in using this for a client site. Could you contact us to talk about your fee?

user crissy
crissy 9 years ago

Minthu, this is just awsome, thanks for your great work.

user Dreigorian
Dreigorian 9 years ago

Minthu you are truly the best!!!

user carlospoks
carlospoks 9 years ago


user rvvv
rvvv 9 years ago

Ty for u healing

but i want free download flv,swf,xml,java all fils is ther ,
if any time i cainge it , that why i am ask u.....

You help in this regard is much appreciated

Thank you.

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 9 years ago

Minthu, almost 12 000 downloads for this one :)

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 9 years ago

RVW, there is one that was just posted at mmfiles: http://www.mmfiles.com/flash/3_dimension al/ultimate_infinite_horizontal_scroller _3d_as3_522.html

user rvvv
rvvv 9 years ago


I need some help with the flash 3D photo gallery like http://threemelons.com/en/

Can you pls guide or give me some tips to create this type of photo gallery using flash and XML. Also pls notice the popup when you click on a photo. I need help for that as well.

You help in this regard is much appreciated

Thank you.

user mrtcaan31
mrtcaan31 9 years ago

good jub... thanks

user cypunkd
cypunkd 9 years ago

awesome man. you pro ^^

user sagar_P1620
sagar_P1620 9 years ago

very very very nice

user funluvincrim
funluvincrim 9 years ago

this is brilliant - one question though.. i get most of the script and have been usning it to learn... however - how do i control the central point of the document where the movemont springs from (i.e: ive made the doc bigger, but the central point is still on the left so when my cursor is in the middle its still rotating right... is this in papervision as cant see in the fla...?
An answer by email or on here would much appreciated! Many thanks, keep up the good work your teaching me lots! Thank you!

user Taisy
Taisy 9 years ago

Wow Thanks

user phoecxan
phoecxan 9 years ago

Very nice
Thank For share :)

user babaloche
babaloche 9 years ago

Very very cool! One suggestion: can you make the document that is in focus, *brighter* (or add a border around it) instead of making it darker? It would make it easier to choose/select. Thx!

user eddyit09
eddyit09 9 years ago


user effxdesign
effxdesign 10 years ago

This is a relly good effect however it is very memory and cpu hungry.

user axs527
axs527 10 years ago

Great stuff man!
Its quite a learning experience for a non computer idiot like me!
Thanks a ton, Minthu

user cornel18
cornel18 10 years ago


user naveeng_mca05
naveeng_mca05 10 years ago

but it says unexpected file format?
am using Flash Professional 8. do you have any solution?

user naveeng_mca05
naveeng_mca05 10 years ago

really great work yaar... keep it up

user FlashDevelopment
FlashDevelopment 10 years ago

Just great, that is everything i can say!


user Fei
Fei 10 years ago

So nice!! I must be learning from your work. Thank you Mr.Minthu.

user vinimaykaul
vinimaykaul 10 years ago

Great work !!!

user jaizeil
jaizeil 10 years ago

good job man!!!!very very nice!! great!!!!!

user takeuns
takeuns 10 years ago

so good!

user besho
besho 10 years ago

your Genius
thank you

user fidoboy
fidoboy 10 years ago

It could be better if clicked image could enlarge after clicking on it... :)

Great job!

user virtual.bond
virtual.bond 10 years ago

Thanks Man

user s1ckn3ss
s1ckn3ss 10 years ago

"s1ckn3ss, This file is posted in this website with my permission and a credit link (flashmo.com). :) "

i know that now, sorry for the barking & the attitude :-)

greetings from the end of the world.

user badboykilla
badboykilla 10 years ago

many thanks keep up the good work :)

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 10 years ago

"Helloooo" anyone reading descriptions or "listing url" or even comments?
MinThu is the author at Flashmo.com

user seartcip
seartcip 10 years ago

Hey I say again if you poste it againe minthu you will be sue in court bye the copyright of flashmo.

user Twinspirit
Twinspirit 10 years ago

Hard work and beautifull result. "bravo"

user jfmastrangelo
jfmastrangelo 10 years ago

very good job... congratulation...

user d3rson
d3rson 10 years ago

thanks man!...

user minthu
the listing author minthu 10 years ago

d3rson, please read this post http://www.webdesignmo.com/blog/2008/06/ 20/editing-3d-thumbnail-galleries/ for enlarging image size.

s1ckn3ss, This file is posted in this website with my permission and a credit link (flashmo.com). :)

user picassoo
picassoo 10 years ago

woow very good man you ar the best

user luismaria86
luismaria86 10 years ago

Wow! very good job.

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 10 years ago

S1ckn3ss, yes, Minthu is the owner of flashmo.com.

user s1ckn3ss
s1ckn3ss 10 years ago


http://www.flashmo.com/preview/flashmo_ 098_3d_curve_wall

dunno if it's right for you to post stuff that isn't yours..

even the warning is from mo...

is it your personal page? i'm sorry, but it feels strange.

greetings if it's all yours.

user d3rson
d3rson 10 years ago

very nice... so.. i have a question..and if I want to enlarge the images, what should I do?

user jkenluv
jkenluv 10 years ago

good job from u man... congrats....

user sgknowler
sgknowler 10 years ago

Can you control the number of rows? If so where from, I could'nt see anything in the XML or page source. Sorry but I'm not too conversant in the Dark arts of Flash.

user Marto
Marto 10 years ago

CPU intensive, but very creative.

user xacobe
xacobe 10 years ago

Its very nice, but my computer get so slowly when I run it. Somebody else get the same problem

user blame
blame 10 years ago

Excellent :0

user Trazoestudio
Trazoestudio 10 years ago

Excelente! good job

user jing1
jing1 10 years ago

10/10 v nice

user nathaliarr
nathaliarr 10 years ago

Very nice!! thanks

user clipdepelicula
clipdepelicula 10 years ago

good job 7/10

user jasonxx_kangkong
jasonxx_kangkong 10 years ago

wow !!!!!
how nice
good job 9/10