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user MikelB
MikelB (6)
A try to make a different gallery. The code, design and images are mine, if you want to put your photos just change the urls on the second keyframe.
Hope you like it!

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user hector1439
hector1439 5 years ago


user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh 6 years ago

bjmcmaugh at google's email. im hoping to use this for a presonal send me an email, thanks
im in australia by the way.

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 6 years ago

Sure, it could be good. Please give me a contact mail to give you the details. Thanks for your attention.

user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh 6 years ago

you wouldnt have to code nothing im interested in the rendered footage

user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh 6 years ago

cool how much do you charge if you made me one but in HD resolution , obviosly change the style a little??

if your interested let me know

user optimus_prime
optimus_prime 8 years ago

How to change the URL to grab images from my local drive?

user lunja
lunja 8 years ago

sick sick very very sick :)

user darkwwc
darkwwc 8 years ago

very good, but images have one litle interface problem : loading bad.
But is ultra creative.

user aobgi
aobgi 8 years ago

very good
Thank you!!!

user tonink28
tonink28 8 years ago


user matthew.muir
matthew.muir 9 years ago

Sick dude.. Nice work

user lkjc
lkjc 9 years ago

can you please upload your After effect files please ?

user harishalwani
harishalwani 9 years ago

its very nice

user SexyBoy
SexyBoy 9 years ago


user taxman
taxman 9 years ago

wow! very cool!

user dequila
dequila 9 years ago

really cool !!!

user Raffine
Raffine 9 years ago

awesome ! ! !

user dannyvalo
dannyvalo 9 years ago

Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very coollllllllllll dude!!! Thanks!!!

user TheKingsAlive
TheKingsAlive 9 years ago

Man, this one rocks...actually you just gave me plany of ideas!!! THANX a lot

user haris2431
haris2431 9 years ago

its really nice, dear.

user inventive
inventive 9 years ago

really nice&cool!

user tufidayi
tufidayi 9 years ago

bu bide dnen bi kp olsa tadndan yenmez..

user DJIO
DJIO 9 years ago


user hache00
hache00 9 years ago


user jcotillas
jcotillas 9 years ago

Really impressive. Not only for your work, but also for your pictures. Congratulations.

user druidcreative
druidcreative 9 years ago

Excellent work!

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 9 years ago

Yes, theyre mine, if you like can see them here:
Thanks for the comments.

user annavisky
annavisky 9 years ago

Your photos are beautiful!! Did you make those?

user sleepdragon
sleepdragon 9 years ago

Very Great!!!

user BravoRJ
BravoRJ 9 years ago

Very, very, very nice.

user ayashinto
ayashinto 9 years ago


user really
really 9 years ago


user Yaco09
Yaco09 9 years ago


user mike212
mike212 9 years ago

thank you my friends

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 9 years ago

Hi, thanks for the comment, is an honor coming from a person of your experience. Sorry but now Im full of work to make now a tutorial of this, but the language is spanish. The only thing you must do is to change the URLs on the second keyframe fot the thumbs and the images. Hope to help you

user potsy
potsy 9 years ago

You should be proud this is by far the best gsllery I've seen. I am a 68 year old newbie, who has Flash 8 AS 2.
I make galleries for my volunteer centre.
Can you send me a tutorial on how to use my photos, or what language is it, so I can translate your fla. Thank you.

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 9 years ago

thanks for all the other comments.
snoop123, sorry, but what do you mean with "but is a fact?"
dubfoundry, is AS2, sorry but i havnt worked with 3, so i cant tell you the differences.
About the translate, I can make you a price to translate and comment the code of this two (frog and cube). If you are interested jus tell me.

user snoop123
snoop123 9 years ago

WoW woW woW, incredible amazing, but is a fact

user dubfoundry
dubfoundry 9 years ago

Ok 2 more things mike....is this AS 2 or 3 if its 2.0 what would 3.0 look like how much of a difference what extra class and such to call?...same question for the frog game...and... can we get you to translate those from Spanish by any chance.?

Im trying to learn from your code. not just take it and post to a site.

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 9 years ago

Yes, used 3ds max to do the animations and imported them as jpg sequence, the rest is easy code ;)

user dubfoundry
dubfoundry 9 years ago

hey mike how did you do the animation...did you do it in a program like affter effects and then import as a picture sequence?

user mikail88
mikail88 9 years ago

oh my god...

user invincibleahad
invincibleahad 9 years ago

Amazing !

user murasaki
murasaki 10 years ago

Ehmm... U made me speechless,,,

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 10 years ago

Hi, for those who want to use it in a webpage if you can put this code please:

<img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-n c/2.5/es/88x31.png" /><br /><span xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1. 1/" href="http://purl.org/dc/dcmitype/Intera ctiveResource" property="dc:title" rel="dc:type">cube</span> is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-No comercial 2.5 Espa&#241;a License.<br />Based on a work at ffiles.com.

Its just the rights of the image. Thanks

user grado13
grado13 10 years ago

mikel great work, can you email me please? grado13mx@yahoo.com.mx, thanks!!

user sleepdragon
sleepdragon 10 years ago

Very Nice

user panderanin
panderanin 10 years ago

This is one of the most beautiful samples I saw here

user totene5906
totene5906 10 years ago

this is superberb. WOW 2 thumbs up

user Blackfusio
Blackfusio 10 years ago

HEy can someone please email me @ Blackfusio@yahoo.com the actual steps on how add my photo to this file. I maybe slow but I don't understand what you guys mean by adding it in the second frame

user darksun27
darksun27 10 years ago

please. help me about the tutorial of this. my email...


my ym. silvah_eyes27

user ryder201
ryder201 10 years ago

can someone help me about viewing this tutorial?How i can view this tutorial?

user gorkamas
gorkamas 10 years ago

Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

user trudge
trudge 10 years ago

so loe IE process.....maybe it will not productive

user ed_slow
ed_slow 10 years ago

great job...magnificient...

user luansantan
luansantan 10 years ago

Excellent Work!

user zillraja
zillraja 10 years ago

no words for what u have done,,,,super..........

user arun2k8
arun2k8 10 years ago

Wow!!! Buddy your Work Excellent.. Man..

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 10 years ago

Thanks for the comments, and no, Im from Colombia (not very near, hehe)

user sha123nk
sha123nk 10 years ago

Wow!!! Buddy iloke your Work Excellent.. Man..
Mindblowing.. Gud luck for future.. By the way Are you From South Koria

user riadh
riadh 10 years ago

nice nice nice job ;-)
great mike

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 10 years ago

Well, in 3D theres not only the image, you must make the model, make the textures (in this case very basics), the illumination, choose the render engine (here vray), and late create the animation. You must know a bit of all the areas in 3d to make this, but if you want, there are lots of tutorials in internet about the 3dsmax. And time? well, two or three weeks depending your skill... if you have any doubt just ask ;)

user mihash01
mihash01 10 years ago

is it hard for a begginer who never used 3dmax but only software like 3dSwift to build such a model? this question just to know hom much time i have yo give myselef to achieve little bit of your effect:)

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 10 years ago

Yes, the 3d animation was in 3ds max with vray, I saved the jpgs and mount in flash as animations. Thanks ;)

user mihash01
mihash01 10 years ago

i have a little guestion:D did you make a cube animation in some 3D enviroment or just in flash? Great animation:)

user iswemmer
iswemmer 10 years ago

Wow, i like

user takeuns
takeuns 10 years ago

oh my god!so greate

user badboykilla
badboykilla 1 decade ago

nice keep it coming

user webreake
webreake 1 decade ago

how can i unsubscribe my email from the comments of this file ?
thats becoming a problem since this file gets a congratulation message every 2 days :P

user Pilouf
Pilouf 1 decade ago

incredible! fantastic! umbelivable!!congratulations man!

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 1 decade ago

yes, I must fix that... and sorry abut the responds of the doubts, actually I have no time for anything that is not work!
I promise to respod each one when have a bit of time. Thanks for the comments!

user piyush
piyush 1 decade ago

i found a bug
when i click on 2 thumbs consecutively it cant decide which image to load so its gets confused

user dustballzomg
dustballzomg 1 decade ago

Its really good, but how would I edit the b&w, color, and cutout?
I edited the MC nombres, but it doesnt work :\

user sa3ronaldo
sa3ronaldo 1 decade ago

very very very perfectvery!! very very perfect!!

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 1 decade ago

Ok, Ill send you a mail when i have a bit time ;)

user sagarbarnwal
sagarbarnwal 1 decade ago

dear if you can mail me at my email id: sagarbarnwal@gmail.com regarding the needed steps to add my photo album in this program, I didn't understood the term "second key frame", I will really thankful to you if you can mail me at my email id

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 1 decade ago

Thanks a lot for the comment!, I really appreciate those who tell what they think about my work (good or bad;). Thanks again.

user sagarbarnwal
sagarbarnwal 1 decade ago

dear i didn't understand the process of adding my pictures to it but though you have done a recommendable job, I appreciate it and not only me but also all those hundred and hundred of people who has downloaded this flash. Thanx Buddy :-)

user sabesp04
sabesp04 1 decade ago

very very very perfect

user sajjadhussain
sajjadhussain 1 decade ago

so cute,,,, :P thx admin

user Cubs25
Cubs25 1 decade ago

very nice thanks

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 1 decade ago

Thanks a lot, but the admins didnt thought that for the contest ;) hehe

user rohitkulthia
rohitkulthia 1 decade ago

mike dis d best on my eyes as far

user xtinguisher
xtinguisher 1 decade ago

Impressive !

user myriade
myriade 1 decade ago

Very very nice, fabulous

user isko
isko 1 decade ago

Fabulous gallery i've ever seen

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 1 decade ago


user paultd
paultd 1 decade ago

Mike, you are doing a good job...Thank you

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 1 decade ago

Sure, lupen. The gallery is prepared to show the images of flickr, or images with a thumbnail of 75x75. To show your images only change the URL of the variables in the second frame. The first url is for the thumb and the second for the image. You can also change the name of the galleryes in the lines 3,4 and 5 of the code. Hope to be helpfull and sorry for the late. Any doubt just tell.

user s1ckn3ss
s1ckn3ss 1 decade ago


user ml002
ml002 1 decade ago

How do i change the pics?

user lupen082
lupen082 1 decade ago

it's really amazing!! congratulations! i love it. i would like to make a gallerry with mi pictures, can you tell me what i have to do? i tried changing the code, but maybe i have the problem with flickr...
can you help me?

user jing1
jing1 1 decade ago

amazing mate
gj 10/10

user fidoboy
fidoboy 1 decade ago

Just one word: AMAZING!!

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 1 decade ago

Thanks a lot :), maybe the next time...

user raisa
raisa 1 decade ago

this should have won the contest!

user webreake
webreake 1 decade ago

this one was my favorite to won the contest :(

user Marto
Marto 1 decade ago

creativity+skill bro....nice

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 1 decade ago

ahh ok, no, the animations are in 3ds max, opimizing the medium frames

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 1 decade ago

Its some kind of 3D software that can export to flash or a flash 3D plug-in, I do not remember :)

user MikelB
the listing author MikelB 1 decade ago

sorry but... what is papervision?

user 264555
264555 1 decade ago

Nice indeed.... Little bit of papervision?

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