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user rstewart
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Flash Mini Golf

pixel-collision engine. This one is just under 100 lines in ActionScript 2. Reflect a ball off any shape.
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mini golf mini-putt ball bounce reflection

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user jingga666
jingga666 1 decade ago

ball bounced out..

user emosystem
emosystem 1 decade ago

very nice. i wish i know how to make it myself

user sonofthemorning
sonofthemorning 1 decade ago

The bg looks like it's taken of an really early 2advanced site

user bdash
bdash 1 decade ago

...oh, and in an attempt to do it again (which I was able to do) I also found that it also hangs if the ball wants to travel through a gap it can't fit through. Again, power=1 it gets stuck at the top of the "x" and "e"

All this aside, I still think this is a very good example.

user bdash
bdash 1 decade ago

great example. I was surprised when it bounced off the letters in the word "Pixel" too. Good stuff.

BTW, power of 1 is adequate to cause an infinite loop if hit on the correct angle to result in perfectly horizontal travel between the top of the "i" and the top of the left serif on the "x" (FYI, I wasn't trying to find this, but as I did I thought I'd let you know)