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Grid Image loader

Grid image loader, loads images and creates boxes with rollover effects, the editable area of the code looks like this:
file_to_load = "sample.jpg";
grid_width = 100;
grid_height = 100;
grid_line_thickness = 1;
grid_color = "000000";
grid_alpha = 20;
buttons_alpha = 100;
You can change these to create different result, smaller boxes,...
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user Amen
Amen 8 years ago

There is a bug even on this page example and cannot find a solution.In the 1st visit flash plays ok.if u close browser and reopen the page,flash fails the hover effect except the 1st box.:/

user Jarcore
Jarcore 8 years ago

I figured it out! thanx!!

user adrianTNT
the listing author adrianTNT (admin) 8 years ago

Maybe it cannot find the image, on Linux servers the path to image is case-sensitive and that causes you to work locally and not on server and things like that.
Maybe you told it to load sample.jpg and file is sample.JPG, I seen this very often.

user Jarcore
Jarcore 8 years ago

I dont have it on the web yet. Im making the page. Previewing it, it just shows the top left corner square, as a white box when you roll ver. and the whole thing black. I have played it in flash player on my computer, and it works. So I must be missing something in Dreamweaver. Has this happenened to anyone? thanx in advance.

user adrianTNT
the listing author adrianTNT (admin) 8 years ago

Show me your link, I will have a look.

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