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user bullyjosh
bullyjosh (7)

Multi-question quiz V2

*Update* Several requests have been made for help modifying this quiz, so I've commented the first line of the .fla with some basic instructions and re-uploaded. Please try there first before requesting help from me here - thanks all!

This is an update for the file "Drag and Drop Quiz." I've obviously changed the look somewhat, and also changed some functionality to reflect requests. This...
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user junreyongcol
junreyongcol 11 years ago

can you make it random choice.? it is always on straight patern. pls pls pls

user bullyjosh
the listing author bullyjosh 14 years ago

@ saimeloner, brunoalec, & vinodrsharody:
Sorry for not responding sooner - haven't been doing a lot of flash lately. As I indicated in the description above, this is not my original file - rather, I just modified it to fix some glitches and add some requested features.

@Saimeloner, if you're interested in how the script works, it's contained in the component "drag" but you should probably ask ganesh05, as he's the original author.

@ Brunoalec, your questions should be answered in the comments now included in frame one of the file, which I'll also paste below. Hope they help!

@ Vidodrsharody: from a bit of tinkering, if you remove all values from the "targets" parameter of the drag component except for the correct answer, that would accomplish what you want to do, with the consequence that there could no longer be any incorrect answers registered in the quiz (because users wouldn't be able to drop them on incorrect answers). Offhand I don't have a way to register that a question already has an answer on it, but there should be a way to do it if you dig a little. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

I'm going to paste the comments I put on frame one here, so those that have already downloaded the file can just look here to get some basic instructions. Hope this helps.

To add additional questions (or take them away) add or remove a keyframe to the root timeline, and if adding, duplicate the "Symbol 3_" into that keyframe, and rename it by adding a letter after the 3. (ie if the previous symbol was "Symbol 3e" name the next "Symbol 3f")

If you want to add or remove the choices within each question, you can just drill into the MC you want to change and delete or add pairs. A few things to keep in mind: if you change this, you must modify the actionscript on the submit button to register ".success" for each item you have in the question, otherwise it will not indicate a correct answer and allow you to advance.

Finally, if you want to modify the values of each question variable, you can do this with either your component inspector, or the parameters tab - both the drag (gray) and the drop (red) pieces are COMPONENTS.

Gray (drag) Modification:
In top value ("correct target") indicate the instance name of the correct answer to your question. In the second value, indicate all the possible answer (correct AND incorrect) so that the answer can be droppped on any of them. In the third value, list all the drag instance names. Finally, in the bottom value ("Display Label") type what you want the visible text on the MC to say.

Red (drop) Modification:
Very simple: change the "label" value to whatever you want the visible text on the MC to say - this would be your "answer".

Again, please try to modify yourself before requesting assistance - I can't make any guarantees of a timely reply. Thanks!

user vinodrsharody
vinodrsharody 14 years ago

hello friend,
I checked it itz very nice. But one problem that I saw in this was the number selected can be dropped more than once in same answer column. Can u clear it by making as drag and drop only one number above the one answer?

user brunoalec
brunoalec 14 years ago

Hi Friend, Do you have any instructions to configure it ? I Mean:

1 - Change the field value.
2 - Change the number of items.

Can you help with that ?

Bruno Alecrim
Belem Brasil

user bullyjosh
the listing author bullyjosh 14 years ago

@ ganesh: Yes, this is your quiz, with modification as listed above. There were many people requesting a multiple question version of your quiz, and I had some free time. Full disclosure folks: this file IS based on Ganesh's original "drag and drop quiz" listing. If you'd like to see the differences, read the description above.

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