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user xarald
xarald (2)

Player FLV FullScreen Video

Its a progressive FLV player, with full screen (full screen work only with player 9). The fullscreen need a html parameter, u can see a example here with FS :

the package content 2 folder :
- 1 with classic player ( its a progressive FLV down, can work in all Web server)
- 1 with FMS player ( can work only on Flash Media server, with that, u dont must download all video for see. FMS have...
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user Juliandro
Juliandro 12 years ago

Hi friend ... I'm trying to upload two videos in different layers as the same player, but the progress bar is coming back to the beginning, what should I do? sorry, google translate! I'm from Brazil.

user luisjose5
luisjose5 12 years ago

very usefull, many thanks...

user amitbangal
amitbangal 12 years ago

Can I off autoplay at the begin? Some body help me

user clodh
clodh 14 years ago

tentei de vrias formas, o arquivos IS BAD!

user clodh
clodh 14 years ago

No est funcionando,'NetStream.Play.StreamNotFou nd'

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